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Arrest Abronye Now On his Allegations On John Dramani Mahama Conniving With Al Qaeda to Stage a Coup In Ghana

Issues of coups must not be allowed to go unprosecuted , and ABRONYE is no an exception to that.

Open Letter To:

National Security Minister.


All Discerning Voices.


Often times, we took certain things as mere talks hence ignore them but they do leave lasting stains on one’s integrity and families.

Former president John Mahama has been on the chopping board of many people with just any scrupulous allegations,and this is becoming one too many and when not stopped now will destroy his image and integrity , especially as we approach another national elections in 2024.

For a political party’s regional chairman to make such treasonable allegations against not just any person but a former head of state and possible incoming president, the Ghana Police Service must by now arrest him for interrogations and prosecution in the court for him to provide evidences on his allegations.

The fact that former president John Mahama is tolerant, and welcomes free speech and press freedom, this allegation made by the Bono Regional chairman on Hot 93.9 FM political talk show can’t be allowed to go Scot free without the law taking him on.

Issues of coups must not be allowed to go unprosecuted , and ABRONYE is no an exception to that.

“I am not unaware ,NPP is trying hard to divert attentions from the E-Levy brouhaha hence such allegations, but this must not be allowed since former president John Mahama had already suffered a lot from fake allegations and propaganda from some so called social media attention seekers and NPP political actors and some media personnel.”


“I call on the media, the security agencies and all stakeholders of the country , especially Religious leaders to condemn this comment and call for the arrest of the ABRONYE NOW to prove his allegations against the former president so he JM can be arrested if true that he is planning such coups, enough is enough of ABRONYE and his many allegations that are allowed to fester.”


It is only GHANA some of us have so we must protect it.

Long live Ghana.


Bismark Kwabla Kpobi.

Concerned Citizen



Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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