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C/R: John Mahama, MP for Awutu Senya West Storms the funeral grounds of benyiwah-doe


Former President John Dramani Mahama and member of Parliament for Awutu Senya West, Hon.Gizella Tetteh Agbotui of the NDC were on the grounds Today to say bye bye to the late former Central regional minister, Ama Benyiwah-Doe. it was obvious the day certainly belonged to former President John Dramani Mahama and the Mp for Awutu Senya West consistency.

In a euphoria that is akin to that of the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem, the entire Gomoa Abura town in the Central Region stood still and the funeral grounds went agog as mourners abandoned mourning to meet the Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) as he approached the funeral grounds in the company of Hon.Gizella Tetteh Agbotui and a host of influential party patriarchs from the region notably Joseph Abekah Mensah aka Commander 1

The applause was so loud and the relish to catch a glimpse of the most influential Ghanaian of our time was voracious and indiscriminate.

As if to add an icing to the cake, Mr Mahama exhibited supreme knowledge of the Central Region customs and traditions to the unfeted applause of all mourners and gave beautiful Memorial valediction to everyone from one of the most prestigious businesses.

His show of belongingness and perfect integration into the funeral grounds resonated so perfectly with the people that, there is no gain say as who is fit for the crown

The dirge singers consummated the Mahama glory as they referred to him as the ” fattened bull” that was unfortunately ransomed for a malnourished…the dirge singers encouraged him to brace himself and gird his loins as the entire nation was thirsty to return him to power so as to get him to redeem our nation from ” anointed looters”

The circumstances cast a slur on the NPP fanatics who felt jilted in the ensuring circumstances.

The air around John Dramani Mahama is a clear indication that victory is indeed reserved for the NDC come 2024.

By Lawrence Odoom

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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