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The story of the NDC E-Block projects and the Npp introduction of E-levy tax,and the voter’s choice going forward

The Oti deputy communication Officer of the National Democratic Congress NDC, Odeneho Kwame Boafo has said, Ghanaians have now realized the chasm between a visionary leadership under NDC led by John Dramani Mahama and the insensitive governing NPP party when it comes toc growth and development of this country.

Putting two things between NDC and the NPP on the table to hag the economic fortunes of the country, he said the Citizenry Should measure the benefit Mahama’s E-block and the E-levy the government is forcing on the already suffering Ghanaians.

He indicated that, the E-Block were part of the Mahamas community Day Senior high school project which was proposed in 2012 to increase access to ShS to decongest existing SHS.

Meanwhile, the governing NPP government sees introducing E-levy will address the economic woes of the country.A party which vigorously kicked against taxes during NDCs administration is now glorifying and imposing taxes on the already suffering Ghanaians.

Below is what he detailed

Once upon a time, there was one visionary tall, handsome and intelligent man called John Dramani Mahama from Bole who became a president of Ghana, when he became a president, from 2012 to 2016, he had a foresight and vision that, there will be some time to come like today, the population of the country will increase and the limited availiable educational facilities especially at the secondary school level can not accommodate all the students and potential students, so there was an urgent need to build more secondary school facilities to meet the future population demand so students and potential students can be accommodated to build capacity, and the building of those school facilities were designed to have an E shape look to be name E blocks, and a reasonable number was finally completed and commissioned for use, and this fantastic and transformational leadership initiative was driven and supervised by the able incoming vice president of the Republic Her excellency Prof. Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang then as a minister of education.

After some years ago, another short, corrupt and non visionary old man from kyebi with his surrogate economic disaster and digitial imposter from Walewale, packed well decorated lies and false hopes to the good people of Ghana and unfortunately got their attention and finally stolen their mandate, these non visionary guys never had the foresight to know that, population of the school going age of citizens in the country will increase so therefore to think of secondary school facilities expansion nor completion of the once started by their successor from Bole, so the situation caught them up soon as they started governing, and decided to run a traffic light education just to simply discourage students and get the female students pregnant to be at home to reduce the number to ease the pressure on the limited facilities they operate with.

As if that is not enough, after wasting a four year term made of the good people of Ghana, for no benefit to the country, these guys again has stolen the mandate of the Ghanaian people and this time decided that, they will at all cost build an E- levy tax regime to burden the disgruntled and melancholic Ghanaman and woman, whiles the brilliant John Mahama some years ago built E- blocks infrastructure to reduce the stress and burden of the then happy and joyous Ghanaman and woman from travelling far to secure secondary education for their children simply because under John Dramani Mahama, they have the schools in their various communities.

The debate is simple, the NDC as socialist with focus on the masses, cares and feel for you Mr.and Madam voter and the entire ordinary citizen of the country, and the Npp as capitalist who focus on the elites and economic class, careless about you the ordinary man who toils to make money for those so called elites, all they think is about extorting money from you the poor man to satisfy the elite and the so-called first economic class citizens, that’s why the E levy is being propagated as if it is the only means of funding for government.

An example is where the minister of finance claimed they need to collect the E- levy to be able to pay salaries of government workers, so the question is you the non government worker who will also pay the E- levy, what is the government interest about you in this proposed E- levy expenses?

The choice of you the voter remains paramount and discretional to you, but lemme advise you that, it is better to prioritise an E block infrastructure regime over an E levy tax regime, especially where those taxes goes into the rentals of opulent jets to make love with sidechiks in the air space, such regimes are disastrous and poisonous.

Get your voters ID ready, December 7th 2024 should be a day you must choose infrastructure regime over a taxation regime for the good of our country and for your personal liberation and transformation.

Yours in this struggle to bring back an infrastructure regime.

Thank you

Odeneho Kwame Boafo
Oti regional Deputy Communication Officer NDC

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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