VRA resumes operations

The Volta River Authority(VRA) has resumed operations and is receiving of gas from Ghana National Gas Company after successfully working on gas leak from their gas network in the Aboadze Enclave.

It will be recapatured that following a Shutdown Maintenance on 30th October,2021 to 11th November,2021.After running for 5days after the Shutdown Maintenance, VRA had to go down to repair a major leak on 20th November,2021 and resume operations in intake of gas from Ghana Gas pipeline on 1st December,2021.

This prompt return to Operations in receiving gas from the Ghana Gas Pipeline is advantageous for the Energy Industry especially going into the festive season.

This goes a long way to address the issues of intermittent power outages in Kumasi and it’s environs.

Mr Ansah a lead Engineer from VRA stated that gas leaks are normal in the production history and very important they address them so it doesn’t turn to anything worse.

β€œ You can run your car over many years and expect not to have a problem especially hose leaks same in this industry,you can a plant which is a machine without gas leaks.” he stressed

VRA has shown that , The Ghana National Gas Company and other industry players have been very supportive in this troubleshooting exercise and are cooperating to ensure stability in our power generation and distribution sector.

Story Lawrence Odoom

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