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A/R: Boy, 19, caught having sex with a sheep in a bush

Dwellers of Ahyensu, a village near Bibiani in the Ashanti Region have been thrown into a state of melancholy as a nineteen years old boy identified as Aziz caught red handed having sex with a sheep tipped for Christmas.

According to a report filed by Accra-based Kessben FM, the young lad recently completed Senior High School who is waiting for his WASSCE results to further his education to the Tertiary.

The Reports revealed that a farmer had sent his sheep to the bush to graze and had left it there to pick it up later in the day.

However, on the D- day, the 19-year-old boy also went to the same spot where the sheep was grazing and had several bouts of sex with it.

A passer-by farmer heard the sheep’s cry and realized that it was not normal so he followed up to scene only to meet the young man having a very intimacy with the sheep.

Aziz upon seeing the man took to his heels leaving behind his clothes and slippers. The man then picked his clothes and his slippers for evidential purposes and later reported the issue to the king of the village.

The family of Aziz after they confronted them visited the palace and confessed that he was the one who slept with the sheep.

The palace has since performed all the necessary rites to appease the gods and the sheep has been killed and buried whiles family of Aziz seek help for him.


Story Lawrence Odoom

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