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Ban MPs/ Candidates/ Appointees and Military Form Election Collation Centres to Ensure Free, Fair and Transparent Processes

In view of the aforementioned facts, I suggest the following for the IGP And EC BOSS to implement:

Open Letter To:




Often times, elections at the polling stations go peacefully until it is time for collation of results at the Constituency levels; which in the just ended 2020 general election saw to the death of not less than 8 citizens who were victims of election collation malpractices.

Research, investigation, enquiries and observations at the centres that had problems all point to the fact that some MPs, MILITARY and appointees of the incumbent government were the main causes of all such collation malpractices in the various Constituencies and must be blamed equally for such occurrences if we intend to putting a stop to such unfortunate happenings in the future.

In view of the aforementioned facts, I suggest the following for the IGP And EC BOSS to implement:

°No MPs/ Candidates or appointees of the incumbent government be allowed entry to the Constituency Election collation Centres:- this is because when they sense that they are losing the elections, they result to all manner of drama to cause confusions which will then have negative bearings on the collation processes. Their agents should be the ones to give them updates just in presidential Collation Centre. Allowing the candidates entry is the first steps for pandemonium and unnecessary tensions hence must stop forthwith.

°No military personnel should be entertained at the collation Centres:- The military should only be assigned to patrol tasks where they will be on the guard against any uses of weapons by anyone to disrupt the Election processes or to attack anyone. They should not be used by any appointees or MPs to either forcibly or peacefully invade any Constituency Collation Centres. Their presence with weapons are often used as intimidation tactics to put fears in polling agents or election directors and Returning Officers to do the biding of their bosses who sent them there. The military in fact has no businesses being at any Collation Centres unless being called upon by the police officers to come help in controlling the crowd outside the Collation rooms. Even that they must be told not to shoot not use any physical force on the unarmed supporters.

°The Collation Centres should have only EC mandated reps, Party’s Election Directors and Agents and if possible a number of two party executives each with just a police officer in :- This will lessen the congestions and tensions in the centres, moreso, the police officer won’t serve as a tool of intimidation but rather to ensure thqt due processes are followed. With this, any misunderstanding will be timely resolved and the processes will continue without any fear or favor.

°EC Returning Officer must ensure all mandated Agents sign every documents before going ahead to sign the Collation forms and declarations:- This will bring satisfaction to all parties involved without calling on the security. When all processes are transparent, no right thinking candidate will then raise an alarm of cheats and foul play since declarations won’t be done under duress or at unknown locations.

°Other Police Officers should guard the observing crowd outside the Collation Centres:- In order not to cause more pandemonium at the centres, the remaining assigned officers should be able to control the crowd or supporters of the various candidates or parties from fighting. They should ensure peace and harmony among the supporters so that they won’t even think of staging any wrong moves when eventually their candidate loses .

As it is at the Presidential Collation Centre that the candidates are not allowed in, same should be adopted at the Constituencies Collation Centres too and we shall see free, fair and transparent collations, not what happened at Techiman South, Sene West,Tarkwa Nsuem etc where candidates and incumbent APPOINTEES took along with them in well armed military men to disrupt the Collation processes to their favor by pressurising EC reps , Agents and their observers to follow their orders by declaring their choices at gunpoint and by coercion.

It is my belief and strong conviction that if the IGP And EC Boss follow my suggested steps , we shall all accept any outcomes from the elections in Future.


Long live Ghana

Thank you all…


Bismark Kwabla Kpobi

Concerned Citizen For Due Processes.


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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