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Ghana Anti LGBTQ+ Bill Shall Serve As a Studying Documents for Other African Countries Hence the Frar of the LGBTQ+ Community

Africa is capable of steering their own affairs to progression if our leaders can make good uses of our human and natural resources without always going *"cup in hands"

Ghana has been a leading STAR in the whole of the African Continent when it comes to major gains: Independence, Coups, Stable Democracy, Stable Constitution, Great Parliamentary and Judiciary Services etc.

So it is no surprise to some of us when the LGBTQ+ Community is Hell burnt to using Ghana as the gate way to capturing the whole of Africa to involving in this menace. The LGBTQ+ community is aware of how Ghanaians cherish democracy and freedom of speech ,human rights , tolerance and our hospitality hence their evil and demonic agenda to Pumping more resources into highlighting those attributes as bargaining power so much so that many *Educated but Unwise* ones who are hungry for Fame ,Wealth and recognition will start arguing their support and involvement for the LGBTQ+ community base on those factors.

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I want to assure the proponents andleading voices of the Anti- LGBTQ+ Bill that they are not only fighting for Ghana but the whole of the African Continent; for that matter they should put in all efforts and resources to ensuring swift passing of this Bill when Parliament resumes its sitting come 26th October, 2021.

The LGBTQ+ community is aware of how most greedy African leaders and their so called High Learners are when it comes to acquiring Ill Gotten Wealth, Visa, Schorlaships and monies hence they strategized to using Those elements to threatening Discerning Voices who are not ready to give in to their satanic agenda. But alas, we thank God we still have many wise ,high learners, legislatures, judiciaries , religious leaders and Youth who are highly against their evil infiltration in Africa using Ghana as the gate way.

This Anti LGBTQ+ Bill must be included in it *Entrenched* Article or Clause that will prevent any foreign pressures through their philanthropic or funding conditions. Africa is capable of steering their own affairs to progression if our leaders can make good uses of our human and natural resources without always going *”cup in hands” which usually comes with these kind of evil and demonic agenda.

This must serve as a warning to all leaders that the youth and their citizens won’t allow them to short change the glory and future of Ghana and Africa for any personal interest and gains, never, we shall unit and fight them devoid of political, religious or tribal affiliations.

Once more, I declare more support for the Bill and call on all future leaders to be more concerns about the progress of this Bill. Don’t compromise your religious, moral , cultural and societal values because you want Visa, Schorlaships, Filthy Wealth hence you will stay neutral or support this demonic movements.

Africa needs this Bill now than Ghana, let us save African.

God bless us all.
Long live ANTI-LGBTQ+ Bill
Long Live GHANA
Long live Africa.

Bismark Kwabla Kpobi
Mental Health Practitioner
Advocate Against LGBTQ+ Activities

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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