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“Nana Akuffo Addo has Disgraced Himself Upon the Delayance of his MMDCEs Appointees”- Upper Denkyira West Youth Organiser Speaks

Giving the President chance in 2017, as at 26th April 2017, the president had already brought 212 MMDCE out......" he said.

The Upper Denkyira West Youth Organiser of the opposition party(NationalDemocraticCongress),  Mr. Peter Cobbinah has commented on the delayance of the appointment of the MMDCEs the President Akuffo-Addo promised Ghanaians.

In an interview at Cape Coast which was spotted by,  Mr. Peter Cobbinah made mention of the reasons why the President of Ghana,  Nana Akuffo Addo claims his delayance on the appointment of his MMDCE.

According to Mr. Peter Cobbinah, the President claims his party administrators had betrayed him. Looking as these words by the President, “I clearly say the President has disgraced himself publicly “. He(Peter) further explained that, the President is not neutral in his government.

“Giving the President chance in 2017, as at 26th April 2017, the president had already brought 212 MMDCE out……” he said.

Mr. Peter hitting on the fact that the President has to bow in shame in his administration. Explaining his reasons on the radio, Mr. Peter said that it being 8 months already and the delayance of his MMDCEs has made major developmental projects to be at a halt.

Mr. Peter Cobbinah further said, the President does not have competent people to take the role as an MMDCE. Taking a look at issues rising up from the various districts which Upper Denkyira West and East is not an exemption his former MMDCEs failed him.

“If his first 11 appointees failed how much more then should he his second 11 appointees do? All these constitues yo the reasons why I said Akuffo-Addo has disgraced himself and failed the country”..

The President has lied to Ghanaians based on When he claimed that every district would vote for its MMDCE.. This was supposed to be told to Ghanaians right after he was sworn into Presidency” Peter said.

“Due to his lies in the appointment of his MMDCE I can boldly say if we do not take caution by the end of year Akuffo-Addo wouldn’t be able to appoint his MMDCE….”

“AkuffoAddo is a Confused man. I will advised him if he can’t rule the country then he should resign from the seat.. Akuffo-Addo is a disgraced to mankind as he isn’t able to elect his MMDCE due to what he claim as his party has betrayed him” he concluded.

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