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“Seek Mental Health and Psychiatric Treatment and Avoid Prayer Camps”- Bismarck Kpobi Speaks

Seek Mental Health and Psychiatric treatments for your relatives who are victims

The Mental Health Nurse, Bismarck Kpobi has made several statements on the ordeal of some mental clients, a case in his district and region.

In Suggestion making, Bismarck Kpobi says, Mental illness can be treated for normal lifestyles if families and relatives adhere to Mental Health treatment plans.

According Bismarck, Prayer camps worsening the situation. “Seek Mental Health and Psychiatric treatments for your relatives who are victims . Prayer camp is not the answer, but you can still add prayers after the person is on treatment. NGOs and philanthropists should help in this regard by making donations to mental hospitals and mental units across the country to improving treatment care” he said.

“Donate Motorbikes , Antipsychotic drugs, Desktop computers to augment the efforts of GHS and Mental Health Authority.
A lot of people suffering from the illness but don’t have family supports system. MPs, MMDCES all should invest in holistic care for such vulnerable clients and people” Bismarck Pleads..

God bless those who will donate to Mental Health Authority in any capacity to covering such victims.

See photos;

Mental Health Disorder
Mental Health Disorder patient
Mental Health facilities





Bismark Kwabla Kpobi
Concerned Citizen/ Mental Health practicioner and Advocate.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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