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“I cannot be your chief”-Nana Poku declares

Nana Poku Chieftaincy issues

Mr William Opoku Boateng;Nana Poku Chieftaincy issues

Nana Poku’s Chieftaincy issues

Chieftaincy in Ghana is regarded as one of the most prestigious institutions. As a result, many people wished to have come from the royal family so that they could at least have a chance to ascend to one of these thrones.

There are several clans in the Akan community, including Oyoko, Aduana, Asakyiri, Asona, ɛkoɔna, Aseneɛ, Agona and Biretuo. Despite their common ancestors, each of these clans has its own special chieftaincy administration.

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When a sitting chief dies, a new chief must be installed, as required by the Akan tradition. At this time, there is always the need to find someone who is worthy of the throne according to the customs and traditions of the respective clan. And, in most cases, despite the ritualistic nature of a chief’s installation or enstoolment, people trade blows to accept this prestigious position.

However, this has not been the case for Mr William Opoku Boateng popularly known as Nana Poku, the direct heir to the Aduana throne in Ghana’s Ashanti Region. And the only son of his father.

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According to reports, Mr Opoku has openly challenged the community’s elders’ decision to install him as chief. Mr Opoku’s actions are regarded as disrespectful to the elders and a taboo in the Akan community.

As of now, no one knows why he declined such an offer. But it is believed that due to his religious affiliation, he might have declined the appointment because of the pouring of libations and the sacrifice of animals to the gods and the ancestors attached to chieftaincy in Akan.

The enstoolment process, which was supposed to take place somewhere around June 2021, is now in limbo. We promise to update our audience in case of any further updates.

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