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DCE Position: Chereponi Residents calls on the President to nominate TK BASHIRU

Residents of Chereponi in the north East region have thrown their unflinching Support behind Hon.TK Bashiru to be nominated by President Nana Akufo-Addo as the next District Chief Executive.

The concerned Youth in the region urged executives of the New Patriotic Party NPP and the vetting committee to choose TK Bashiru who’s selfless and results oriented to be the DCE.

Speaking to some residents to ascertain the Truth and find out who among the personalities they would prefer as the DCE , most of the Youth and the party executives pointed to TK Bashiru as the Best person on the lists to be given the mandate as the DCE.

“We the residents here have the confidence and belief that if Mr Tk Bashiru will be nominated as our DEC ..the better for us because he has been tested and proven to work for the betterment of the District hence the call on the President to nominate him” they said.

Majority of the Youth said ,Hon T.K Bashiru is known for his philanthropic gestures towards everybody in the constituency, he has been so much involved in open politics in the district. “Hon.TK Bashiru is the Embodiment of the calibre of an preeminent social figure and he serves as motivation needed to propel the Constituency to reach its height of greater developments” one youth stressed out

According to the concerned Youth, they said , hon. Tk Bashiru is a consensus builder, affable, formidable, crowd puller , versatile , adoptable, time conscious , flexible and has an excellent human relations.

“On that score and per the feedback we have gathered from the communities,we feel privileged and satisfied for hon.Tk Bashiru to be the next DCE so we appeal to all party executives with an underlying principle of objectivity to support Hon.Bashiru”

The residents pleaded with the NPP party executives to throw their weight behind Hon Eugene T.K Bashiru on the grounds that he is best choice for the constituents.

Mr Bashiru is an engine for development considering his lobbying skilks thus we can use him to develop the district, said residents

Hon Bashiru, urged all his supporters to remain calm and Resolute because he knows full well that the President will nominate him as the DCE of the area to pursue and achieve the agenda for breaking the 8years cycle.

Odoom Lawrence

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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