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Deputy Const. Organiser of the NDC, Comrade Alex Sekormey Pays 2yrs Rent Advance for the Party’s Office

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It was yet another fantastic day in the history of Agona West when the extremely magnanimous, kindhearted and benevolent deputy Constituency Organizer, Comrade Alex Sekormey, a name that has become a household name, synonymous to massive donations to individuals, groups, communities, with the aim of reenergizing the base of the party.

In his brief remarks prior to the GHc12,000 cash donation to cater for 2yrs rent advance for the party office, which was received by the Constituency Chairman after a spontaneous and sustained thunderous applause and chants by the Branch Execs, expressing appreciation for the warm-hearted gesture.

Comrade Alex further pledged to continue supporting activities of the Party whiles calling on other comrades with the wherewithal to also support the Party.

He also made a cash donation of GHc 1000 towards the maintenance of the Party vehicle, Mahindra.

Receiving the donation on behalf of the Party, the Constituency Chairman thanked our comrade and colleague exec, for his continuous support of the activities of the Party; before, during and after the elections and called on other members, supporters and sympathizers with the capacity to emulate the magnanimity exhibited.

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