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Updates from the Techiman South Elections Petition @Wenchi High Court

The Electoral Commission  (EC) has presented the original documents on the Techiman South parliamentary election to the Wenchi High Court.

The documents have since been inspected by the parliamentary candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Christopher Beyere Baasongti, who is challenging the results of the parliamentary election in the constituency.

It seems the National Democratic Congress, NDC, is making some head ways on the Techiman South Parliamentary Seat Election Petition. StateNewsGhana, has decided to update you on the proceedings so far. Find Below:

Respondents filed the following additional issues

1st Respondent:
1. Whether or not the Petition discloses any reasonable cause of action?
2. Whether or not there was collation and declaration of the results of the Techiman South Parliamentary Election?

2nd Respondent:
1.Whether or not the Returning Officer of the 2nd Respondent assembled and collated the results of the Parliamentary Election in Techiman South for all the 267 polling stations?
2. Whether or not the declaration by the 2nd Respondent on 8th December, 2020 was in accordance with Regulation 43 of C.I. 127?
3. Whether or not the Petition discloses any reasonable cause of action?
4. Whether or not the Petition is entitled to his claim?
The Respondents further argued that issues 1 and 3 of the Petitioner should be struck out.

On his part, Counsel for the Petitioner contended that, the so called additional issues by the Respondents are of no merit but rather mere repetitions of what the Petitioner has already outlined.

Additionally, the Respondents further request that the entire trial should be by legal submissions. Here, it is clear that they do not want witnesses to enter the box bcos that will reveal a lot of things.

The NPP sought for leave to file additional issues but our lawyer is objecting to these additional issues arguing that they are the same as issues filed by the NDC but penned in different words hence purported to only delay proceedings.Lawyer Gary Nimako on his feet arguing the NPP’s case.

After a series of arguments by the two Lawyers where the NPP wants the case to travel by legal submissions and the NDC wants trial by evidence and cross examinations through audio and video evidence.The judge questioned how do the court use such evidences since the court does not have gadgets to support their operation in the courtroom.Lawyer for NDC responded that the NDC will make available the needed gadgets for their operation.Judge responds: I’m not surprised at all since you can provide electrical generators for the court …l trust you with this one too. Court is in recess for the judge to rule on the two arguments after recess.


1.Issue 1 of 2nd Respondent granted to replace Issue 1 of Petitioner
2. Issues 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Petitioner granted without doubt
3. Issue 1 of 1st Respondent which is the same as issue 3 of 2nd Respondent also added.

Meanwhile, once again, Justice Nawurah has re-echoed that whether there was no collation or no proper collation, the overall effect is the same.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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