Nigeria Is At War

Nigeria Is At War

By Alh. Yakubu M. Jimba esq.

In sweat and bits of hungry mosquitoes, the eyes could NOT be separated from the pains of the skin. Nigeria woke up to find himself in a deep watered mattress and blood-stained bedsheets. The overfed sucker had died like the corrupt Aso rock Carpenters and Doctors who had over-eaten the forbidden treasury only to burden the undertakers in their selfish deaths.

The night was deep and dark but not quiet because the curse of Nigeria power producers had ravaged every home. No light, it’s hot in the hungry jungle of my nation. No man truly wanted to be awake but the realization that Buhari is still the president of Nigeria could not allow the gentle eyes to go back to sleep. Was it about the economy that the thoughts of the mind reflect? Or the ravaging insecurity? What comes to mind and readily too is that amidst so much wealth, only the “holy family’ are still growing into billionaires in dollars; and in distant America, the great Forbes Magazine unraveled what we mere Nigerians could not, that the only purpose of this government is to enrich the first family irrespective. Integrity had been thrown to the gutters to feed the leaning buharists’ list.

To say Nigeria is at war is the least of hyperboles, but the expectation that Buhari might be sworn in for a second term of another hellish four years is the greatest of wars that reasonable Nigerians must now have to contend with. It was expected that having himself admitted failing in the last four years should have by now drawn up a team; drawn up a new policy direction and drawn up a new purpose for building positive morale for Nigerians henceforth. But the old man is fibble, unsure himself what direction can the nation take. In the circumstance, except for the power and more money in their pockets they cared less about the drift of the nation.

As if his minister had collectively resolved to war against him, they all are aloft. Though aware that Buhari failed even himself. Buhari, again at the driver’s seat, Nigerians have held their breath with jaws clutching and the hearts in in-depth suspense about the known – the certain and greatly expected crash of the nation. The driver is old, fobbing, unintelligible, with no zeal to deliver, and worst still refused to give up the steering in copious evidence of electoral fraud. Breaths are high and one seems to believe that May 29 is or shouldn’t be realized. Nigeria is indeed at war with itself. Whereas China is banning the use of microwave ovens in the new age of technology, we under Buhari are encouraging and lobbying herdsmen with billions of Naira not to carry guns in their itinerancy.

Nigerians must resort to civil disobedience if Buhari continues his disrespect for lives and disregard for rule of law. We must not allow our 2015 sympathies to as well becloud 2019 and henceforth we must call Buhari to our hunger, our insecurity, our joblessness, and our hopelessness. This must be the greatest part of the undeclared war ahead in Nigeria. Thanks, and please share.

Alh. Yakubu M Jimba Esq

Writes from Abuja.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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