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Cape Coast: Family upset with police over handling of missing relative’s case  

Cape Coast: Family upset with police over handling of missing relative’s case  

A distraught family in Cape Coast in the Central Region is unhappy with the Bakano police station for its handling of the case of their missing 72-year-old relative, George Fouillard.

According to Hubert Fouillard, the brother of the missing person, after reporting the case to the police about a month ago, not much has been done to help the family find their relative.

Speaking to the nedia, in Cape Coast, Hubert Fouillard said after going through all the necessary processes, the police have left the family to their fate to carry out the search on their own.

“After our search, we went back to the police station to find out what was going on. We realised they had not done anything. I went to MTN to find out my brother’s phone records, but the MTN people told us, they couldn’t give it to us because it’s the CID who had to go for a court order for it,” Hubert Fouillard lamented.

He maintained that “When we went to the police station for the court order, the police officer said we should put something on top for the officer who has to sign. So I asked why should we pay something because I hadn’t seen any investigation done. They haven’t even gone to the house to look for a clue. My brother has been missing for about three weeks and the police have not been to the house. They haven’t interviewed anybody, so I don’t know what the police are doing to find my brother”.

Hubert Fouillard wonders why the police would treat the case with such a lackadaisical approach.

When Citi News followed up to the police station in question, the officer in charge of the case, Opoku Mensah, declined to speak on camera but said he was done with the necessary documentation and processes; and was yet to contact the family for the next line of action.

When asked how the searches for missing persons are conducted by the police, the officer said the family would have to carry out the search on their own once the police extract is given to them.

The family of the missing person is not enthused with this response.

They are at a loss as to why a family must report the case of a missing person to the police only for the Police to leave the search solely in the hands of the distraught families or relatives.

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