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“Stop the Blame Games” and do Things in the Positive Way- Lawyer Adu Yeboah Cautioned

Lawyer Adu Yeboah write

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Pathologist, Lawyer Adu Yeboah has penned down on the “Post moterm” act.

He wrote that, another general elections is over and we have started our usual “post mortem” of the unfavourable results.

“I suggest that we detach the real issues from the happenings at the Supreme Court.
The court challenge was done per a strategy thought to be the best for the time by our competent legal team” he said.

According to lawyer, there are however real issues which needs consideration before the next round of elections. These include the following;
• The competence of who we elect as our leaders at the various levels of the party (tried, tested and proven?)
• The competence of those we appoint for specific duties relating to election matters (tried, tested, proven and loyal?)
•The will of our elected leaders to champion the collective than the individual goal
• Our election of Parliamentary Candidates must reflect our desire to win the elections (not only campaigning for ourselves but in all cases for the Presidential Candidate also)

However, there’s an urgent need for an object analysis of the 2020 election results from branch to constituency levels. This analysis will help us understand the now increase in spate of voting “skirt and blouse” which went to our detriment.
If we had voted for JM in all the constituencies that NDC PCs won in 2020, we would have been singing a different song by now.

The caution is to stop the “blame games” and work in more positive ways.
Sometimes we play the game with the motive to change all elected and appointed players to our detriment.

Lawyer Adu Yeboah pointed out that, Change is not always the answer. The problem with us is that we love to change the top but leave the bottom. Meanwhile, we need to address the issues at the branch before we can build a solid party. When we lose in elections we push the blame mostly on constituency, regional and national officers but the reality is that “something” went wrong at the branch
Let’s do our various constituency level assessment and not wait for some people from Accra (usually former Ministers and government appointees who have no experience in party organisation) to come and teach us what to do.

“Every elected party officer was elected for 4 years to end next year so work for 2024 must not wait till another administration of the party” he noted.

Lawyer Adu Yeboah  Writes.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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