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National Democratic Congress, (NDC) Central Regional Comms Bureau

CR-NDC Salutes Workers on May Day

As workers worldwide observe the 1st of May, as the day set aside to honour the contribution of workers to nation building; leadership of the National Democratic Congress’s Comm Bureau in the Central Region, salutes all Workers and appreciate the collective as well as the enormous contribution to helping build a Better Ghana even in the face of COVID-19 pandemic, unprecedented levels of hardships and corruption; increases in taxes, goods and services without upward salary adjustments.

In spite of the many challenges that continue to confront us as a Nation under the leadership of the non-performing NPP Govt; workers from all facets of the workforce remain relentless and undaunted, and we say a big Ayekoo to all workers particularly our fisherfolks, farmers, traders, drivers, staff of our public universities who have been or are being victimized as a result of the attack on academic freedom by this Govt, public servants, private sector workers who are mostly affected by this pandemic, our miners, our security personnel and all workers.

We in CR-NDC share the deep concern embedded in the recent call by Labour to the Government to pay a close attention to the creeping unacceptable practice of some employers deliberately keeping workers as casual employees and therefore denying them the stable mindset to operate at the workplace as well as the return of the culture of silence and solemnly call on workers to continue having faith with us because the NDC Govt of John Mahama will never shy away from the genuine and legitimate concerns of Labour.

However, we call on Government not shirk its responsibilities towards Labour hence the need for a swift response to the concerns of Labour especially during these harsh economic times occasioned by the handling of the Coronavirus pandemic. Ayekoo once again to all Workers on this special day, and there is no gainsaying the fact that the NDC remains stoically committed to broadening and deepening the frontiers of Labour in Ghana.

On this day, Ghanaian Cocoa Farmers and their dependents are feverishly praying for 2024 to come early for citizens to come out and vote massively for JM so they could get their Cocoa bonuses, have their produce bought timely & paid for accordingly, have access to free fertilizers again, have their cocoa roads constructed, have access to better & improved free hybrid seedlings without partisan considerations, benefit from CHPS compounds from the proceeds of 10% cut in salaries from the President & his executive appointees among others for they are really suffering now in the hands of the NPP Govt of Nana Akufo Addo and Dr Bawumia.

Ghana is the only Country we have: and we must all put our shoulders to the wheel and strive continuously towards building a Better Ghana for all and not for any Family Hegemony who after benefiting from nepotistic appointments, now wants to ‘Agyapa’ our mineral royalties for their generations yet unborn.

May God continue to hold us together as a Nation; and may we never waiver from our civic duties particularly workers at the independent constitutional bodies.

Cde Kwesi Dawood,
(Regional Comm Officer).

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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