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Hon. Desmond D. Paitoo Visits Project Sites in Gomoa East District

The first phase of the day’s programme commenced as scheduled.  At exactly 11 am the team Commanded by Hon. Desmond Paitoo arrived to inspect progress of work on the Nyanyano-Kasoa road commenced in 2016 and yet to be completed.

The project’s urban road engineer from Awutu Senya East Municipal and Kypoll LTD M.D. explained to the team how the work has progressed so far and challenges that has caused the project to delay till now. Amongst them is the issue of funds availability. Road users disregard diversion and warning signs, salt in the water makes it usable for concrete works, ECG and Ghana Water poles and pipe relocation are not switf as well as encroachment.

They disclosed that the project is 8.8 km stretch of road from Nyanyano- Kakraba last stop to Dawano in Nyanyano.

They assured the MP that the project will be completed and fully opened to traffic in August 2022 as an asphalted road per the plan available to them. However, the first phase will be completed in May this 2021

On the part of the MP (Hon. Desmond) he made it clear that the road, that has been under construction for five years, has affected lives as residents inhale the heavy dust, pregnant women and babies experience complications too using the road. Businesses and other commercial services have their expences increased leading to high cost of living and low standard of living to residents of the entire Nyanyano and suburbs. He added that in this state, the road is also posing security threat, causing disaster, affecting good life, creating unemployment, increasing poverty and their attendant effects.

Hon. Desmond, urged the minister for Roads and Highways, Hon Amoako Atta to assist and safe the lives of over hundred thousand residents of Nyanyano and suburbs by ensuring this road is completed as early as possible. Residents were so pleased with the MP for this concern on their welfare.


The Urban road Engineer offered an advise to the MP to lobby for an Urban road department in Gomoa East to facilitate work on the Urban roads in the area.

The team moved quickly to Millennium city sector 5 to inspect the Bambam bridge also under construction. The company KOVAS Construction LTD and workers were not on site at the time of visit. But the site foreman explained that they were expecting some funds to return to site to complete the North West extension, the filling and open the bridge to traffic. The bridge makes an X-junction indication a link of 4 sectors of the community.

This project is under the funding of Coastal Development Authority/Fund.

In the statement on the Bambam bridge, the MP assured the company and the community leaders that all necessary steps will be taken to ensure the community gets to use the road to solve the flood problem, restore normalcy to lives of residents and prevent insecurity.

The residents were very excited to see their MP in action on their welfare and businesses.

The team continued to the Millennium city-Pentecost Conversation Centre road. From the Millennium City (21st Century Construction) gate to the police station, portions of the have been coated first and others second with a major bridge near the police station and near the former MP’s residence, yet to completed. In fact the bridge has been eroded by the heavy water over flowing it. The residents were not pleased with the engineering works on this police station bridge and were urging a reconstruction of it to accommodate the volume of water and level.
The construction company, New case construction was not on site but the Urban road Engineer with Awutu Senya East Municipal tried all technical explanation but was not pleasing to the residents and road users who do go through untold ordeal with a slightest of down pour in the sources including Buduburam.

The project according to the urban roads engineer is funded by Road Fund and plans are advanced to relocate it to Ministry of Finance funding.

Hon. Desmond agreed to dialogue with parties for a better solution to the problems discussed, more especially, towards the completion of the road also commenced in 2016 by the Mahama- Amissah Arthur administration to open up the community.

The team swiftly moved to the Estate-Safari road that bound Gomoa East and Awutu Senya East constituencies on the North-west. This project was proposed in 2016 and commenced in last quarter of 2020. The MD and the project manager were met at the construction site. When asked why the project has stalled, they answered that they took a Christmas break and planned to resume work before May 2021 to complete the necessary portions.
The project includes completion of drains, laying of bitumen of about three coats and some adjoining roads to open the communities and reduce pressure on the roads.

The team furthered to the DA Zion School in Kakraba to inspect class room unit block still under construction and financed by the Coastal Development Authority/Fund. There was no contractor or workers on site and the teachers couldn’t share any information on the project and they only saw come around to work without words on the project. It was surprising to see such project without stakeholder participation.
The MP assured the school leadership of his interest in the education of the constituents and will push and monitor the completion of the project to reduce the stress on the limited resources.

The MP was ably supported by Constituency Chairman Anthony Effisah, dep. Secretary Abdul-Razak, treasurer Kojo Atinga, women orgazers Hawa Yussif and Juliana Bockor, organizer Kumordjie Naah, execo Masawudu Nuhu, dep. youth organizer Edward Yamoah, election directorate member Francis Amoah , Nana Baah (constitution) pockets of branch members, alert personnel (Elton, Vincent, Eric) and some media personnel.

“The day was judiciously used to serve the constituents who have entrusted me with the authority to humbly serve them” Hon. Demond Paitoo said.



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