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OPINION: Close Down Media Houses that Provides Advertisements to Mallams


If care is not taken, soon people will be sacrificing parents, siblings and friends publicly to making monies through any available means.

The issues of two 16 years old boys murdering a boy of 10 years to doing money rituals should awake the government and the neccessary stakeholders concerned in preserving our morals and culture values in the country.

Daily advertisements of mallams, priests and juju people boasting of their powers to doubling monies and making luxuries for interesting victims must be clamped down now before our children and youth venture into such stuffs. We all know there is no money rituals without blood sacrifice before, during or after. Many vehicular accidents happening on our major roads cannot be isolated from such blood monies used to purchasing those vehicles hence the evil spirits hunting for bloods in returns.

I am calling on the government and the media committee in parliament to as a matter of urgency revoke the licenses of all those media stations who in their quest to making profits assist these juju men and women in advertising their activities.

How long will it take us before we come to our conscious state that such evil adverts and programs aiding the criminal activities happening all around us in Ghana?
Partners murdering their partners , children killing or denying their parents all because some evil demonic prophets or Juju men telling them their problems are from those people. If nothing at all, let us learn from the Tanzanian president late Paul Magufuli who sanitised their media activities to curb vices in his country. The numerous mushrooms TV stations and radio stations into such activities must be worked on now before our future leaders all get destroyed because they looking for shortcut to making riches for living luxurious lifestyles.

How can normal youth of less than age 40 wants to live and drive vehicles people of above 40 years achieved?

Our churches too are part because they deviated from preaching morals and values by venturing into miracles and only prosperity messages and ignoring salvation messages of repentance and good character and name .

It is not too late now, government and communication and information Ministry must act now to saving the country Ghana from such evil news headlines .


Bismark Kwabla Kpobi
(Concerned Citizen)

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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