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Haija Ruky Writes to the NDC

Hajia Ruky writes:

It’s nonsensical for any NDC member or mp not to side with Sammy Gyamfi with his anger on the leadership of the parliament. Anyone who pays his dues, make contributions both in kind and in cash will hail Sammy Gyamfi for speaking the way he spoke. He only spoke for the majority of NDC members who would have silently quit the party without saying nothing to anyone.

He has saved NDC from further disintegration. To have a leader of a party sharing our grief and voicing out exactly what majority of us felt was consoling enough for many of us to give a second thought to NDC.

Only those whose livelihood depends on the MPs will watch them betray all of us from JM to the last person in NDC the way they did. We didn’t give the NDC platform to go to parliament and play with our feelings, 8 years of suffering in the hands of this wicked and self centered Npp is not going to be easy for us at the grassroots and are not going to be kind to anyone who thinks his position as mp is so satisfying that the rest of us can go burn the sea.

Look at the energy, the time and the wealth we all wasted to get those numbers in parliament, we sponsored some of you and all we are asking for is your consistency in handling affairs in parliament. We didn’t send you to parliament to go and make compromises with these wicked Npp. They tortured us, our business collapsed , the unemployment we are facing and will continue till 2024, and you are here talking about the interest of ghana. Is there Ghana anyone? Some of you will soon be classified as Togolese and by-election will be organized in your constituencies, no one will rescue you.

Sammy Gyamfi is not inciting anyone, we are sensible enough and even more angrier than Sammy. I lived in the USA and every now and then it’s one contribution and the other to remit the party any time the party is in need, and I know a lot of members who are spending their hard earned income just to make sure NDC is not killed by this good for nothing Npp but your love for corruption and personal interest is chasing people out of the party.

If you think it’s all of us who lived on those your corruption money, then you are making a big mistake. We will check you the same way we are checking the Npp, you can’t continue taking us for granted. Though we knew the already prepared results of the election petition, which we wanted to hang on the necks of the Judges, Jean Mensah and the Npp to be able to make this term ungovernable the way they made 2013 ungovernable for Mahama, you have shattered our spirit and love for the party the way the black stars shattered the spirit of Ghanaians in soccer after Senegal 98 African cup.

God will send you more pain than the pain we are going through now. Sammy Gyamfi is our mouth peace and there is no Communicator that has worked so hard in the history of the party the way he has worked and I share his total bursts in anger and no one can threaten him, we in diaspora and local members who have the party at heart are with him.

Those who already are Jubilating for the lost of Mahama and the party so that they can prepare themselves for the leadership of the party should be rest assured that they will never get our support. Even if JM is on a stretcher we will choose him again over you. You go about sabotaging JM and the party because you think you have got what you want , remember the very people you rode to climb there are the people you are going to meet when coming down.

Npp are not a group to joke with and if you think you are comfortable now with them, it will do you like film now that you passed all of them. My advice to my colleagues comrade is for everyone to find something doing with his life by engaging in self employment activities if you are not employed and stop going to these MPs with your personal problems like Weedings, funerals, naming ceremonies, hospitals bills, rent , water bills and electricity bills.

Used the monies you put on your phone for internet and defending them on platforms into good use for your self and your family and your life will turn around. You can only hold someone accountable if you don’t depend on him. It’s your right to correct them constructively if they are going the wrong way and they must accept in good faith or suffers the consequences. Sammy’s rage on leadership of parliament was not because he thinks they took bribe but because they didn’t perform their duty.

As leaders they were supposed to take the voting very serious and called all members to the house, hold a meeting and have a stand, listen to party leadership and grassroots stand because almost all of them are in one or two platforms of the party. I hope you all saw how Biden and Democrat fought had to get the Senate passed his 1.9T covid bill by non partisan straight vote of 50 and 49 using 24 hours debates, this shows determination and perseverance on the part of Democrat’s to rescue the suffering of Americans, even though republicans were on the pull me Down syndrome.

A word to a wise is enough. My humble appeal to my dear colleague comrade who have left NDC platforms and are turning their resignation letters as executives to reconsider their decision and go back to post, we are on the path of destruction which the Npp promised their people and I hope you will not like a one party state with culture of silence that no one can open his mouth and express his views without being sentenced to prison.

Eye Zu, Eye Za .



Hajia Ruky
NDC Communication Team
New- USA.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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