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John Mahama will forever Succeed-Ndc Youth organizer to Saboteurs:

saboteurs youth organizer

Story by -Odoom Lawrence

The youth organizer for Ajumako Enyan Essiam Constituency Hon.Evans Amos Mensah has propounded that ,John Mahama still remains the touch bearer candidate for the 2024 Presidential elections.Mr Evans Amos Mensah opined that,right from the outset there were elements in the NDC who are forcefully sabotaging and working against John Mahama’s bidding to pave way for their preferred Candidate to lead the party come 2024.

He added that,NDC has absolutely no option than to stick to the candidature of John Mahama because He(JDM) has the ingredients to bring smooth victory to the NDC in the Next Elections .

Mr Evans Amos Mensah cautions those working behind the scenes against JDM that their machinations will not see the light of day thus until JDM finishes his unfinished one term ,No party stalwart within the the rank and file of the party should think of becoming a flag bearer, and let alone achieve his or her selfish political ambition. He advised the leadership of the party and the members of the NDC to eschew political peppersouping, bootlicking and the pull him down attitude but rather work tirelessly towards the Victory of the NDC in the future.

He asserted that, the grassroots have learnt alot of lessons and he boldly assures all the Saboteurs of John Mahama to bury their ambitions and throw their weights for John Mahama .”We the Youth of the great NDC are more than wounded Lion and will ensure that whoever seen as a cankerworm or impediment in the forward match of our victory in 2024 will be out -casted accordingly” He asserted.

He said John Mahama is the Brand and the only affable and preeminent persona who can bring victory to the NDC in 2024.He called on the supporters of the NDC to give their unflinching support for John Mahama because tomorrow begins a new chapter of a new birth to NDC.

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