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Takoradi Policemen Enforces New Rules For Persons without Nose Mask

The Covid-19 disease is a serious pandemic. This virus caused the shut-down of the world economy including Ghana, by forcing the economic activities of the world to closed down during last year.

But as the world leaders realize that they can not close forever, some countries including Ghana decided to open their economy back by enforcing the medical precautions put in place by the WHO to stop the spread of the virus while everyone goes about their business happily. But humans, as you probably know, do not easily follow rules unless forced to do so and that’s exactly what the Takoradi authorities are doing.

To make sure that everyone will wear the nose mask, the Takoradi authorities early this month despatched law enforcers to make sure that people are wearing the mask in the street. Police, city guards, and soldiers patrolled every corner of Seckondi-Takoradi, stoping and searching every vehicle to make sure people are following the rules.

And the punishment given to you if found not wearing the mask is what is so interesting about this exercise. When they see you without the mask, even in a car, you are taking to the nearest gutter and forced to clean it up whether you like it or not. And by the proof of many gutters been clean shows how humans do not like following simple rules even ones that protect us, unless been forced to do so. But the good news is that this has made the gutters in Takoradi clean bringing neatness and beauty to the city.

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