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Hawa Koomson is not fit for the job

Member of Parliament (MP) for the Awutu Senya East Constituency, Mavis Hawa Koomson and Minister Designate for Fisheries and Aquaculture was vetted today by the Vetting Committee.

The vetting commenced by the Chairman of the committee, First Deputy Speaker Joseph Osei-Owusu asking her why she pulled a trigger during the 2020 Voter Registration Exercise at a registration centre at Kasoa in the Senya East Constituency.

Hawa Koomson replied by saying she feels remorseful for her actions and believes her overall attitude on the day was irresponsible and “unhonourable.” In fact, she added that she acted on the spur of the moment and out of fear and definitely regrets her action.

Hawa Koomson was to be vetted on her own understanding on her new role since she resigned from Ministry of Special Development to pick up on Aquaculture. She was to tell the counsel on how prepared she was for her new ministry and the supervision to her duties.

One of the Committee Members asked her to explain ther term fish farming” and other asked her to give some advantages of fish farming…

Mavis Koomson laughingly said: Thank you Mr Chairman, I will try my best. Fish Farming is the process of rearing of fish in the reservoirs, fish ponds etc…”

Answering the question on the advantages of Fish Farming, Hawa Koomson said: ‘One advantages of Fish Farming is it makes the farmer earn some income and it also increases fish in the community for consumption…

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