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Ghanaians Must Hit the Streets: NDP Founding Members ready to join the NDC

Ndc and NDP to join hit the street


Today  after  the sitting of  the  Supreme  court Majority  of  Ghanaians  are  shocked  and  a lots  opinions  are  been shared on social media ,,In a  statement  issued  by  Owusu-Cobbiah Richard  a Founding Father – National Democratic Party (NDP) in it  said  that  Ghanaians must  hit the   streets and  they are ready to join  the  Ndc.

Below is the  unedited  statement.

For Immediate Release

10/ 02/ 21

Ghanaians Must Hit the Streets: NDP Founding Members ready to join the NDC

It is becoming clearer that, the 2020 election petition would not be in favor of Ghanaians who are hoping to democratically overthrow this insensitive, clueless and heartless government led by Akufo Addo, because there seem to be a predetermined minds waiting to read their long awaited judgment.

Why is the counsel for the first respondent running away from scrutiny of his own witness statement? What is he scared of? Now I understand why Mr. Tsikata was insistent of his application for interrogatories must be and should have been admitted. Mr. Tsikata knew from the beginning that the justices of the court were doing everything possible to prevent Jean Mensah to mount the witness box. This appears to be a calculated scheme to conceal the truth.

If Jean Mensah is not put in the witness box, I swear, there will be series of civil demonstrations across the country.
The justices of the court should not deny Ghanaians the opportunity to listen to our Electoral Commission Chairperson.

The judges did not grant the opportunity for her to answer interrogatories. The petitioner’s lawyer asked her to produce original documents she said no, and was supported by the judges. She submitted a witness statement, but come to justify her words and numbers too, she is running away. They know Jean will be exposed badly, that is why they want to block her evidence.

Due to what is going in the election petition, the next Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in Ghana is likely to witness unprecedented bloodbath if God do not intervene.

The NDC leaders must consider a plan ‘B’ to hit the street. The judges knowing very well that Jean Mensah will be exposed in the witness box which will have a negative effect on Akufo Addo, it will be difficult for them to allow the Cross Examination to happen.

Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata and his team sought to serve interrogatories on the 1st respondent, the court ruled against it. The position of the bench and the respondents was that it could be done through cross-examination. Why are they now seeking refuge?

From the encounters between Mr. Tsikata and the Supreme Court Judges so far, it is pretty obvious that, even before the arguments, their minds have been made up to grant the request of the lawyer for the 1st respondent.

I and the well-meaning members of the National Democratic Party (NDP) will join the NDC and other Ghanaians to demonstrate against the EC and the Supreme Court Justices.

Arise Ghana Youth for your country
The nation demands your devotion..
Let us resist the oppressors rule.

Thank you.


Owusu-Cobbiah Richard
Founding Father – National Democratic Party (NDP)

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication do not in anyway reflect the opinions of State News Ghana

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